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Welcome To The Moldova Project !

A beautiful country forgotten and left behind by its own brothers and sisters in Europe will receive a new hope from you starting today. The Moldova project is all about helping the people and land of Moldova while revolutionizing the modern charity. A charity with a refreshing take on giving, we'll put your voice and opinion into every dollar donated. With our great staff and driven volunteers there's nothing we can't accomplish and no task we can't complete in Moldova. The ultimate goal is to spread awareness and charity to every corner of the earth, there will be no greater joy than to see the world giving what they can to help our great cause. Right away you should notice something very different from your average charity website. When you donate, you can specify exactly what you'd like your donation to go to whether its schools, hospitals, orphanages, food, animals, fighting human trafficking, paying for a sick child's treatment and more. We'll mold all our features to your highest expectations as we continue growing with your help, the power of social media, and fundraising websites. To all our current supporters and donators, thank you ! You mean everything to the Moldova Project and hope you continue to support and follow us into the future. Have an opinion or thought ? We'd love to hear it !
Welcome to The Moldova Project! A brand new start up charity organization.
See potential in our cause ? Contact us and let us know what you think.
We're currently looking for investors, caring volunteers, & skilled artists.
Launch date is expected to be around mid October to early November this year.
Our donate options are currently disabled, please contact to donate/invest.
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